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Full Service Car Wash

car wash photoWhichever of our excellent services you choose, each one starts with our Eco-friendly Full Service treatment. When you arrive, our experienced staff will begin quickly and thoroughly vacuuming the interior of your car. After each corner and crevice is sucked clean, we will send your car through our one of a kind automated car wash tunnel. The exterior of your car will be safely and efficiently cleaned with the latest environmentally sustainable products that are available. To ensure the safety of your car and the environment we use pure non-chlorinated/untreated well water that would otherwise be hardened by chemicals. Your car will be greeted at the other end of the tunnel by another team of seasoned workers; equipped with a patented cloth that uses advanced fibers to clean your vehicle without scratching the cars surface. Being the second car wash to be built in NYC, the more than 63 years of experience have proved that we can evolve with the times. Get our Full Service car wash not just for your car, but because we are just as conscious of keeping the earth safe as you are. All for just 17.75
Service Comparison Chart
Full Service Deluxe Ritz Rain X Complete
Tunnel Wash included included included included
Vacuum Interior included included included included
Windows Cleaned included included included included
Chassis bath included included included
Body Shield included included
Triple polish wax included included
Armor all tires included included
Inside armor all included
Rain-X complete surface protection included

Complete Detail Services

car wash photo

For that extra attention to your car choose our top to bottom, front to back, inside and outside detailing service. Your car will be treated like royalty, hand washed then carefully cleaned inside and out. Contact us to make an appointment