Welcome to the Westside Highway Car Wash, serving New Yorkers since 1947

Apart from your home, your car is probably the most valuable possession you own. Here at Westside Highway Car Wash we strive for nothing less than perfection. This isn't just a place to throw soap and water on your car, it is an experience that you and your car won't forget. Since 1947 our friendly staff has been cleaning, detailing, and protecting cars in Manhattan with only the highest quality services. In order to make your car wash experience as simple and easy as possible, we are conveniently located right on the west side highway where we are open 24 hours a day. When you reach the end of our 200ft landmark tunnel, you will not only have a clean car, but a clean conscience as we use the highest quality and environmentally friendly chemicals from our friends at Ecolab (by Zep). But that's not all...

While we take care of your car, feel free to enjoy our full service store; with air fresheners, car chargers/accessories and much more. Meanwhile, your car will be enjoying one of our many services:

Full Service Car Wash

Our full service car wash is designed to get your car squeaky clean and you on your way in just a few minutes ... read more

Complete Detail Services

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to detailing your car, we pour over every detail of your car for about 3 hours ... read more

Hand Wash

Pamper your car with our superb hand wash service, we treat your car like the cherished treasure you do, carefuly washing it by hand while you wait ... read more

Rain X Protection

Rain X developed the industry's first complete surface protectant that treats the vehicles' glass, paint, trim and chrome! ... read more

In a hurry? Enjoy our quick and simple Full Service option. The car will be vacuumed before it is safely rung through our state of the art tunnel and topped off with a window cleaning- inside and out- and a hand towel drying. Upgrade to our Deluxe Car Wash with an added under body Chassis Bath to flush out salt, sand and road grime. If you'd like to add that one small thing that will give your car that extra pop, simply ask for the Ritz Car Wash and we'll armor all of your tires for a shine that just puts it all together.

Lastly, if you truly care about the longevity of your car, we offer the Rain-X Complete Car Wash. Again, you'll receive the cumulative services plus we'll extend the armoring to your dashboard and doors, outsmart the elements with Rain-X glass treatment, and apply a Triple polish wax that is sure to make your car glow.