Our rich history dates back to 1947 during the automotive golden age. Not only were we the second car wash built in NYC but we still hold the title of being the largest car wash in Manhattan. Since then we have been fortunate to have built a colorful past that would stand out within any industry. For 63 years and counting, we have taken pride in the cars we maintain and in satisfying the costumers who drive them.

car wash photoFrom the Ferrari to the jalopy, no matter who the costumer, we serve you with courtesy and professionalism. We have proven our quality of service throughout the years as we have washed countless celebrities' cars, and since 1970, we have had the privilege of washing every presidential limo. In the 70's we got our own taste of fame when we were featured in an episode of Sesame Street. For 63 years we have worked hard to stick to what works, yet stay keen to what needs to change with the times.

For instance, time has proven that as people on this earth, the little decisions that we make apart, make a huge difference when done together. By choosing Westside Highway Car Wash, you are not only choosing quality service and convenience, but you are choosing to participate with our goal to do our part in helping the environment. Here there is a strong effort to use only environmentally friendly chemicals.

Water Reclaim System

Water reclamation helps decrease diverging water from sensitive eco-systems which depend greatly on the flow to improve the quality of the water. Water reclamation also decreases the pollution to bodies of water, such as oceans and rivers, by diverting the wastewater. Some of the pollutants are used for irrigation purposes, such as nitrogen, which would be harmful to these bodies of water. Another benefit is the enhancement of wetlands which benefits the wildlife dependent on that eco-system. For instance, The San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant instituted a recycling program to protect the San Francisco Bay area's natural salt water marshes.

That is just one way that we are trying to benefit, not only our direct costumers, but the world at large. This website represents our car wash, and as we continue to build our presence on the web, we hope to stand out as an example that industrial eco-revolution matched with the longevity of plain old good service from good people always wins. Thank you for choosing us for your automotive needs.

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